Our home which was built in the early 1980�s would not cool below 77 degrees during later afternoon during the summer months. The HVAC units were only 5 years old and we were careful to keep the blinds closed all day in order to prevent the sun from beaming inside. We also kept the thermostat set to 74 and the ceiling fans on all day so that the temperatures would remain cool before the afternoon hours arrived. Regardless of the preventative measures that we took, the inside temperatures in our property would climb. Bill came by to service our unit one day, and I asked him about this issue and asked if there was anything that he could do. He suggested adding additional insulation to our attic. He explained that the current insulation has settled and that the current building codes suggest different R-values as compared to the past. Although I was skeptical at first, we allowed him to give it a try. It was a minimal investment, but definitely WORTH it! Since we had the additional insulation installed, I am able to keep my home the temperature that I WANT at all times of the day! Also, the outside unit does not run nonstop like it previously did. Thanks Bill and Select for your assistance with this predicament!

 Julie, Double Oak, Texas


I am a true believer in the fiberglass attic installation!  I like to spend hours in my garage working on motorcycles.  Since I live in North Texas, my time in the garage is limited due to the extreme heat in the summers.  I considered putting a central air conditioning system in our garage so that I could spend more time out there without feeling like I as in a heat box.  I had Bill come out to give me an estimate for such an addition.  Instead of selling me a new system at a large expense, he first suggested that I add insulation to the garage space.  When my home was built there was NO insulation added to the garage area.  There was only a base of insulation added to the living space.  He said to try just adding the insulation first.  He explained that even if I put in an HVAC system designed for the garage, I would also need to insulate.  I have noticed such an extreme difference in garage temperature, that I�m thinking there will not be an additional need for a centrally cooling system.  Thanks Bill for your expertise. 

Jimmy � Copper Canyon, Texas
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