Select has carefully reviewed the insulation products that are currently on the market.  We think that Attic Guard Plus, premium loose-fill fiberglass installation will give the homeowner the most benefits for their financial investment.  Not only is this product affordable, but it provides numerous advantages that will give the home year around comfort for a lifetime.  A few of these benefits include a quieter environment, improved thermal performance, a longer life for the existing air conditioning & heating system and of course significant savings on the electric or gas bill. This product is not only an improvement for your property but also and investment your family’s COMFORT!

Specific Characteristics that make the Attic Guard Plus a superior product:

·         Non-corrosive

·         Saves Energy

·         Enhances sound control

·         Class A fire rating

·         Pest resistant

·         No formaldehyde or other bonding agents added

·         Pure glass fibers

·         Clean appearance

·         Composed of sand and RECYCLED glass

·         Does not settle

·         Greenguard Certified