WELCOME – Getting Started

It is important that you find a company who is experienced with the pneumatic equipment involved in installing loosefill insulation.  This will help avoid any accidents such as stepping through the ceiling of an attic and it will avoid other hazardous situations such as covering vents or electrical elements with the insulation.  In addition, Select has found that our prices are VERY competitive.  There have been many situations in which we have been able to evaluate and perform our complete service for less cost than the homeowner would pay try to add the insulation themselves.

In most scenarios the old or existing attic insulation does not need to be removed.  The existing material is usually dusty, filled with roofing debris or other miscellaneous things.  It is just OLD material; it usually does not contain anything hazardous such as asbestos.  Also, there are no complications or chemical reactions with the mixing of different insulation materials.  Select can SAVE the homeowner money by using the original insulation as a base layer and adding additional fiberglass insulation on top, to bring the attic to a desired R-value for this region which for North Texas is a minimum of R-30 up to R-60.

We are available on the phone 7 days a week in order to answer any questions that you may have!  Usually we can complete the job within 2-3 days upon homeowner’s approval.  It is not necessary to pull a city permit.  A typical insulation job usually takes 2-3 hours to complete.  The home owner does not have to leave the property while the work is being performed, because the noise is kept to a minimal.  Also, there are no toxic substances or dangerous chemicals used during the installation process.

It is easy to see that this is not just an improvement to your home, but it is an INVESTMENT!  For a minimal dollar amount, it is perhaps the best investment you can make to your home.  It pays for itself quickly and then continues to save you money!  If you would like to take advantage of the significant ENERGY and COST savings immediately, we have financing options available!